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You do not have to go through your divorce alone. If you are ending your marriage, our Solano and Contra Costa County divorce attorneys can help you. We partner with you and provide services tailored to your needs. From preparing and filing court documents to litigating for your desired outcome, we are by your side throughout the divorce process.

The First Step Toward A New Future: How To File For Divorce In Solano County

To begin the divorce process, you must file a petition in the Solano County Superior Court. This petition states the petitioner’s intent to dissolve the marriage. The other spouse, known formally as the respondent, has 30 days to respond. Our Solano and Contra Costa County divorce attorneys can help complete and file your petition.

Uncontested Divorce: The Next Steps

The petitioner’s case proceeds if the respondent does not answer the petition within 30 days. An attorney then draws up the divorce judgment. This is a document that outlines division of property, spousal support, child support, child custody and any other orders. The divorce judgment is then filed with the court. The divorce becomes final six months and one day after the respondent was served the divorce petition.

Contested Divorce: A More Complicated Option

When the respondent responds to the divorce petition within the 30 days, a date is usually set for a mandatory settlement conference. Before the settlement conference, attorneys for both parties begin the discovery process. In discovery, divorce attorneys gather information about property, finances, children and circumstances. This is done with questionnaires and depositions. The lawyers use the gathered information to try to get both sides to come to a marital settlement agreement at the mandatory settlement conference.

If spouses are unable to reach an agreement at this conference, the case goes to court. Once each side has been heard, the judge issues a divorce judgment. This determines the division of property, child custody, visitation, child support and spousal support. The judgment is issued and, if the six-month waiting period has already been met, the divorce is final. If the waiting period has not been met, the divorce will be final six months and one day after the respondent was served the petition.

Client-Focused Divorce Attorneys Helping You Through Divorce

We guide families through this emotional process. We provide sound legal advice and understanding to achieve the resolution you want. Our lawyers are experienced in all areas of family law and are available to discuss your needs. We can help you determine the best approach to take for your divorce. Contact us online or by calling 707-429-2222 today to schedule a consultation.