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Get Protection By Filing A Restraining Orders

Barber Tubis Law, P.C. represents those needing protection as well as those falsely accused of abuse. If you are in a dangerous situation and need to file a restraining order or you feel a restraining order has been unfairly filed against you, our experienced attorneys can help.

We represent clients in the following types of restraining orders:

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (Family Code): Former Spouse/Partner; Parent/Child; Sibling; Other Relatives
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Orders (Civil Code): Current Partner/Former Partner; Co-workers; Neighbors; and Other Non-Relatives
  • Elder Abuse Restraining Orders (Welfare & Institution Code): Protection from physical, mental, or financial abuse for those age 65 years and older

These situations are very sensitive, and our restraining order lawyers understand how difficult it is to file a restraining order against a loved one or someone who is harming you. Your well-being and protection are paramount, and they will work with you to determine your best option.

Getting Protection With A Civil Harassment Restraining Order

There is more than one kind of restraining order. Each kind is designed for a specific type of protection in a specific situation. The most common types are domestic violence restraining orders and civil harassment restraining orders.

Civil harassment restraining orders are for nonfamilial or intimate relationships. This type of restraining order can apply if you suffer from harassment, abuse, threats or stalking by anyone, regardless of who that person is. However, a civil harassment restraining order cannot be ordered against a partner, relative or household member. It is not uncommon to see civil harassment restraining orders from nonrelated third parties, such as an ex-spouse’s new partner.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Domestic violence restraining orders are brought against household members, relatives and partners. To qualify, you must have a close relationship. Domestic violence happens when someone causes or attempts to cause you physical and emotional injury, stalking, destruction of property and harassment.

If a restraining order has been filed unfairly against you, we can help you defend against it before it complicates your life. Violating a restraining order can result in serious consequences. It can impact other aspects of your life, such as where you live, your ability to own a gun and the amount of time you can spend with your children.

Don’t Wait To Seek Legal Help

If you are in a dangerous situation or have a restraining order filed against you, contact an attorney immediately for legal help. We serve clients in the Napa area and throughout Solano County. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at 707-429-2222 or complete an online form.