Individualized Counsel And Personal Attention

Helping Families From The Estate Planning Process To Estate Administration

At Barber Tubis Law, P.C., our lawyers represent Solano County families planning ahead for the future of their assets. They provide valuable services by providing sound legal advice during the administration of wills and trusts.

Our attorneys have experience drafting wills and trusts that manage many of the problems associated with complex estates. Their services include:

  • Appointing a power of attorney to manage assets
  • Minimizing the amount of taxes on inherited property
  • Preventing inheritance disputes among family members and loved ones
  • Representing parties in contested will and trust proceedings

We offer clients legal insight into how California estate planning laws can be used to help people create individualized plans for their intended property dispersal.

Taking On The Burden Of Probate Court

California probate courts fulfill vital functions in the legal validation of wills, transfer of property and debt settlement of the deceased.

At Barber Tubis Law, P.C., we provide attorney services to help manage the strain of probate court proceedings. Our lawyers understand the frustration that a family feels during this tedious time, and they focus on making the process more efficient by:

  • Securing, accounting and managing all of the deceased’s assets
  • Determining and settling all debts owed
  • Paying any owed income and death taxes
  • Submitting final documentation to the probate court
  • Managing final distribution of estate assets
  • Representing parties in will contest and other contested probate proceedings

Our attorneys represent families in Solano, Napa and Contra Costa County probate courts with the goal of helping them secure their inherited property or settle debts in accordance with the law as quickly as possible. We assist elders and their families in seeing that wealth remains under the direction or control of those who accumulated the wealth.

Experienced Representation Every Step Of The Way

Our civil attorneys at Barber Tubis Law, P.C. provide skilled legal services for business law and civil litigation to the Solano County, Contra Costa County, and Fairfield areas. Contact us today at 707-429-2222 or online to schedule a consultation.